Thursday, September 3, 2009


Teeth that is. Haha I bet I had a few of you going for a minute ;p. Caleb got his third tooth this morning. It's his lower right. He is still working on the top teeth so this one threw us for a loop. I guess he's doing things his own way!

We are headed for a fun weekend in Palm Spring so hopefully I will have time with the long weekend to update some pictures.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


My baby is 8 months old today. I know I say this every time I post but I just can't believe he is already 8 months old. He is such a little stud muffin! He loves his sister and yo gaba gaba. He is getting pretty close to crawling and if you pick him up to put him in the crawling position he just looks like hes doing a downward dog and then lunges forward. He has two teeth now and likes to bite (me mostly) but Natalie now knows first hand that if she sticks her finger in his mouth he does bite haha she even will tell people. He also says Dada baba and lala. He loves to eat. There isn't anything this kid doesn't like so far. Looks like we hit the jackpot in that area with both kids. He has even had sushi (the raw stuff) and loved it. We love you K-man!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OC Fair round 1

Saturday we went to the OC Fair to celebrate Kevin's mom's birthday. Everyone had a great time and ate a lot of yummy food. We also took the kids to the mini circus. They both loved it. I have to say the adults were pretty entertained themselves.

Beach Day

Friday the kids and I headed down to the beach for the day and a family bonfire. It was a lot of fun and the weather was perfect. Natalie loved running in the waves and had no fear. Her Daddy would have been so proud (he was in Denver for work). Caleb loved sitting in the sand until he did a face plant. But we gave him a graham cracker and he cheered right up again. Both kids ate some sand got really dirty and had a blast. We have to do it again soon, but this time with Daddy cause boy was I tired after that.

Real men wear pink bibs

Caleb is no longer Mr. Gums. His first tooth broke through last night. He loves getting his teeth brushed for the time being and Natlie loves that her brother has to brush his teeth too. We celebrated by giving him a little graham cracker to munch on. (YEs I'm a bad mom and put a pink bib on him, his was all wet, sorry buddy.)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

19, 6, Palm Springs and Father's day!

We have been really busy the past two weeks. Well we are always busy but the last two have been even more crazy than usual.

Natalie turned 19 months on the 16th and went for her 18th month check up. Yes, she was a month behind but the Dr. said it was fine since she wasn't getting shots. Hey I wasn't about to leave work early and lug the kids to the Dr. two separate times. Natalie is 34.25 inches tall and 25 pounds. Thankfully I wrote it down on the back of a coloring book page so I wouldn't forget haha. I had the Dr. check her for being anemic just to make sure since at her 12 month check up she was. Funny story, Natalie was sitting on Kevin's lap while the nurse was cleaning her finger to take blood and Natalie was just watching what the nurse was doing. Then the nurse pricked Natalie's finger and she didn't even flinch and then the nurse started squeezing her finger to get the blood out and Natalie moved in for a closer look. After the nurse was done Natalie looked at her and said, "Good job" then she looked at us and said, "Good girl." It was so funny we all started to laugh. Natalie is talking in 3 to 4 word sentences now so that has been so nice that for the most part we can figure out want she wants. Her new favorite words or phrases are, "there's/ where's my Daddy (mommy) (baby)" "fun" "go outside" "love you mommy (daddy) etc." "handsome" and when you ask her what he name is she says Natalie Mullaney it is so funny to hear her say Mullaney. She also finally can say Caleb. She is such a funny and energetic little girl. We love you Natty!

Caleb turned 6 months on the 12. It's hard to believe he is half way to his first birthday. Caleb is 28.75 inches tall and 16 pounds. He's tall and skinny like his Daddy. He is now a tummy sleeper even though he starts on his back and still loves sucking his thumb. Even if we try to give him a pacifier he spits it out and pops his thumb in. Bad habit I know but it does look cute. He started eating cereal, veggies and fruit. So far green beans and asparagus are his favorites. i know you are probably thinking they don't have asparagus baby food, but I'm going out on a limb and making his food. I have to say it is so easy and cheap too. He is still all gums but his bottom teeth are trying to come through. He is such a happy baby my mom says we could never have another kid because we have been spoiled with two easy babies. I think she's right. haha We love you K-man!

We went to Palm Spring to celebrate my mom's birthday a week early since Kevin will be out of town on her actual birthday this Saturday. It was a wonderful time as always and it was such nice weather. We enjoyed hanging out in the pool, Outlet shopping, and yummy food. Happy Birthday Mom/Mimi we love you!

On Sunday we came home from Palm Springs and went to Kevin's parents' house to celebrate Father's Day. We had wonderful food as always and got to spend good family time with all the wonderful Men/Father's in our lives. We love you all.

So that was the past two weeks in the lives of The Mullaney's. I guess it seems pretty mellow once you write it all down. This coming week should be interesting though. Kevin leaves tomorrow for a guys Vegas trip, my Aunt and Grandma are coming into town for a week today and then my other Aunt and Uncle are coming into town Friday through Sunday. So I'm sure I will have some fun things to blog about soon.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Maryland, Virgina, D.C., and Pennsylvania

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our last vacation.

Fun vacation full of family time, sleeping in, and history!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What does a train say? Choo Choo

Yes that was the new phrase around our house the past week.

Kevin had the idea of taking the kids on a train trip up to Santa Barbara for the day. We got a sleeping cabin so Natalie was able to run around and play without disturbing all the other people on the train, and we could "try" to sleep. Lunch and dinner was even included. Turns out it was a great idea and a very fun filled family day.


Two Saturday's ago Mommy and Daddy took me and brother to the park to play with Auntie, Uncle, Sophie and Mimi.When we got there I was so excited to play I went running up and down the steps.

Turns out I lucked out and got Mommy's clumsy genes cause I fell really hard!

Good thing Daddy and Mimi where there to make it all better.

I had lots of fun looking at all the birds flying by and playing in the tunnel and going down the slide. The park didn't have any swings so Uncle made one for me. Brother had fun watching me play. I can't wait until he can play with me and Sophie too!

Mother's Day

I know I'm way behind but better late then never right?

mother's day was wonderful. Kevin let me sleep in and made me breakfast in bed. Then we got the kids ready and my mom, Kevin, the kids and I headed down to Mother's Beach. It was a lot of fun even though it was kind of windy and overcast.

Later that afternoon we went to Kevin's parents house and had lunch/dinner swam and went on a boat ride. Then we went home and our friends Jeff Jen and their three kids came to hangout for a bit.

All and all it was a very busy and fun filled day.

Thanks again babe for a wonderful Mother's Day!


Just thought I would post some pictures of Natalie showing her borther some LOVE. They love each other so much already it's so darn cute.

5 months

Caleb turned 5 months old May 12. He is such a wonderful baby. He wakes up in the morning with coo's instead of cries. He is so close to rolling over both ways. He is getting close to sitting up, if only he wouldn't throw up because of his reflux. Here are some cute pictures of our little man.