Tuesday, March 17, 2009

So after a very long wait i'm happy to announce the birth of my niece Sophia Ann Cooper born March 13, 2009 (Friday the 13th like her daddy wanted)weighing in at 8 pounds 2 ounces and 20.5 inches long. Mommy, Daddy and baby Sophie are all doing well and adjusting to life as a family of three. Brent and Anie are a little tired to say the least but they are wonderfuly parents like I knew they would be. Here are some picture. Sorry the pictures are in reverse order!

Sophie's first outing!

Testing out her bed.

She is so tiny.

Proud Mommy and Daddy at home with their baby girl.

Proud Daddy!

Proud Mommy!

Ready to go home.

Getting ready to leave.

Happy baby.

Caleb sleeping through the visit.

Natalie having fun while visiting her baby cousin.

Ky spending part of her birthday with Sophie.

Proud Uncle, Auntie, and cousins.

Proud Auntie.

Proud Great Auntie!

Proud Gigi.

Proud Mimi.

Finally a family of three.

Moommy getting a good look.

Daddy getting a good look.

Last picture as a family of two.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Caleb will be 3 months old on Wednesday and Auntie Anie's birthday and maybe Sophie's birthday depending on how long she takes to get here. I thought i would post a few pics to share! Oh and one of Nat so she's not left out. :)


So tomorrow is the day, Brent better be ready to catch his little girl for real! Anie is being induced tomorrow and noon!

I can't tell you how excited I am for Anie and Brent. I know they have thought about how much little Sophia will change their lives, but they won't really understand how much until tomorrow. They will get to experience the most amazing feeling of having a child and the new found love for each other as well.

Sophie is so blessed to have such great parents to welcome her into this life! Anie will make a great mother. She had good practice with playing mommy to me when my parents weren't home! She is so easy going and always has time to listen. I know Sophie won't have any problems going to her mom for advice and just to talk. Brent is such a fun spirited and genuine guy. I know he will be the one begging Sophie to go play outside!

Here are a few fun things I hope Sophie gets from her mom and dad:
1. Anie's eyes (Brent yours are nice too but I'm partial to blue)
2. Brent's dimples!
3. Smile could go either way they both have great smiles
4. Brent's athleticism (he's good at pretty much every sport)
5. Anie's patience
Whatever she gets from either her mommy or daddy will be perfect after all she is my niece! Ha

Stay tuned for Pictures!