Monday, May 18, 2009

What does a train say? Choo Choo

Yes that was the new phrase around our house the past week.

Kevin had the idea of taking the kids on a train trip up to Santa Barbara for the day. We got a sleeping cabin so Natalie was able to run around and play without disturbing all the other people on the train, and we could "try" to sleep. Lunch and dinner was even included. Turns out it was a great idea and a very fun filled family day.


Two Saturday's ago Mommy and Daddy took me and brother to the park to play with Auntie, Uncle, Sophie and Mimi.When we got there I was so excited to play I went running up and down the steps.

Turns out I lucked out and got Mommy's clumsy genes cause I fell really hard!

Good thing Daddy and Mimi where there to make it all better.

I had lots of fun looking at all the birds flying by and playing in the tunnel and going down the slide. The park didn't have any swings so Uncle made one for me. Brother had fun watching me play. I can't wait until he can play with me and Sophie too!

Mother's Day

I know I'm way behind but better late then never right?

mother's day was wonderful. Kevin let me sleep in and made me breakfast in bed. Then we got the kids ready and my mom, Kevin, the kids and I headed down to Mother's Beach. It was a lot of fun even though it was kind of windy and overcast.

Later that afternoon we went to Kevin's parents house and had lunch/dinner swam and went on a boat ride. Then we went home and our friends Jeff Jen and their three kids came to hangout for a bit.

All and all it was a very busy and fun filled day.

Thanks again babe for a wonderful Mother's Day!


Just thought I would post some pictures of Natalie showing her borther some LOVE. They love each other so much already it's so darn cute.

5 months

Caleb turned 5 months old May 12. He is such a wonderful baby. He wakes up in the morning with coo's instead of cries. He is so close to rolling over both ways. He is getting close to sitting up, if only he wouldn't throw up because of his reflux. Here are some cute pictures of our little man.